Open at 9AM and Last float at 4PM


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when to get off the river?

You will come around a sharp corner and see the house. Paddle towards it and grab the rope to pull yourself in. Our friendly man at the dock will help you ashore.

What kind of things can I NOT bring?

Do not bring expensive items, such as jewelry and electronics. Do not bring wallets, credit cards, or IDs onto the river with you, but leave these things locked in your car. Please take advantage of our key-check service (FREE) to keep your car keys safely on shore while you enjoy your Tubing Adventure.

Is the Bogue Chitto River safe?

If you follow our instructions, stay with your tube and your group or wear a life vest, you should be fine. Remember, the river is not a swimming hole. It’s alive and it can be dangerous if you don’t respect it and don’t follow the rules.

What is the Bogue Chitto like?

The Bogue Chitto River is long and curvy with a steady current. It is a designated scenic river way, and therefore we are prohibited from trimming trees or moving logs out of your way. Remember that the river bottom is filled with debris (branches, rocks, logs, etc.) and you should be on the lookout for barely submerged logs.

What happens if it starts storming while I’m tubing?

Get onto a beach or sandbar and ride the storm out, or wait for help to come if it does not letup. Please do not stand under or near the tallest trees as they are lightning hazards. If there is no lightning you may continue to float; plenty of people do.

What do I do if I pop my tube or fall out of it?

Swim to a beach or sandbar and wait for help. A member of our staff routinely boats up and down the route to make sure everyone is safe.

Do I need to wear shoes?

Shoes are not required, but since there are lots of rocks (and sadly some folks do litter) on the river bottom, so you might want to wear shoes. If you do, we recommend old sneakers, sandals, or water shoes. Louisiana River Adventures sells some very comfortable water shoes (available in most sizes), for $15.

Do you sell supplies at Louisiana River Adventures?

We sell ice, snacks, sodas and energy drinks. We also sell waterproof cameras, sunglasses, floats for sunglasses, dry boxes (great for cigarettes), sunblock, hats, and more.

What forms of payment do you take?

Cash is king here at Louisiana River Adventures. For your convenience we do accept all major credit cards, but there is a $3.00 transaction fee for all credit card purchases.

How to Get Here

The best and EASIEST way to get here is to follow the map you can download below. Trust us, GPS is not your friend when you travel out to less populated areas such as the beautiful Bogue Chitto river. However, if you really must use your GPS, the following will get you here:
GPS INSTRUCTIONS: Enter "Enon, Franklinton LA"  and follow signs from Enon caution light
GPS Coordinates: Lat: 30.539928° Long: -90.070021°

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